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artur adamczyk - product manager

i work mostly


  • new business

  • greenfield products

  • e-commerce

my goal is

  • help to build your product

  • find market-fit

  • get traction 

  • help you at the operational level

Plan for you


Understand your product

Before acting, it is necessary to understand your product idea. Ideally on workshops, where we will be able to gather all information about your product idea.


Create a business goal-oriented plan

Based on understanding. I will prepare a plan that focuses on your business goals and the needs of your customers. You will learn the steps that need to be taken for you to succeed in the market and the methods I plan to use to reach them.


Execute the plan

Once the preparatory work is done, I start the action. We work as partners, and my goal is to help you generate revenue as soon as possible.

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offer for you

operations and execution


A unique mix of Lean Startup, perfomrance with 10 years of EXPERIENCE in startups

I have been involved in building startups for 10 years. I have experienced both failures and successes. I have worked on more than 20 different products and services. As a result, I know what works and what doesn’t work in certain situations. At the same time, I realize the risks you take when deciding to build a unique product. I know how to mitigate them and how to help you achieve your goals. 


My job is to study your needs, assess the market, and present you with solutions. I follow the principle of first think, then act. My main goal is to monetize your product as quickly as possible. To catch the so-called traction or to increase the already existing income. To do this, I study the target groups and assess the challenges.


I follow the principle of transparency. Zero bullshit. Just the facts. 

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#IoT #SaaS #Mobile #Ecommerce #startup #growth #sale #teambuilding


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#web #startups #sale #teambuilding

greenfield products. tech and e-commerce industry.

Why me?


My goal is to get to the clue of your and your clients’ needs and find the golden mean that satisfies you and your clients at the same time. That’s why I use tailor-made solutions that will work for you. For this reason, I don’t use frameworks – I start with a blank sheet of paper every time and figure out the challenges you face in terms of business and meeting user needs. 

15 Years of

I’ve been working for 15 years now, mostly inside product companies, for this reason, I think as if I were your employee and an outsider. In the meantime, I have worked as a sales, marketing, product, project manager, and e-commerce specialist. Very often all at once. I have the typical omni-shaped experience.


You get exactly what I promised, and if I can’t do something, you will be informed by me. If something goes against the plan, I will be the first person to tell you. I focus on a partnership relationship and maximum possible transparency in operations.


When working, I focus on data. I push opinions aside. Maintaining objectivity is the key to achieving goals and increasing the company’s revenue as intended. The key, then, is to have proof in the form of figures that confirm that the stated objectives have been achieved.

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